King of the Noobs 4v4 CoH2 Tournament Rules



All participating players must have less than 2,000 hours played in Company of Heroes 2 on their Steam account and must not have a 1v1 or 2v2 rank below 500. All players have been manually confirmed into the tournament. If you suspect any foul play you must bring up your points of evidence in the match’s official email thread as described in “Scheduling”.

Anyone playing under an alternate Steam account to bypass this rule will be investigated and potentially banned by Relic Entertainment.


Due to the nature of varying time zones, teams have the flexibility of scheduling match times with their opponents inside a specific group of dates. The tournament organizer will introduce the team captains in an official email thread. A match time must be agreed upon by both team captains with the tournament organizer (skippyfx) included in all emails to confirm. Once a match time is agreed upon by both teams that match time is considered official and cannot be cancelled or rescheduled unless both teams agree and are able to stay within the provided deadline. If a team cannot make the agreed upon match time and the opponent refuses to reschedule, the missing team will be forced to forfeit the game.

If the teams cannot agree on a match time the fallback will be on the last Saturday in the provided date window at 6am PST / 3pm CET. When defaulting to this time, both teams must respond in the affirmative to the email thread within 24 hours of the match time.

If both teams fail to communicate or show up to their matches the tournament organizer will either choose a winner or drop both teams from the tournament.


Team 1 is whichever team appears on top in the match bracket. These choices do not have to be communicated until the match is about to be played.
Game 1: Team 1 picks faction. Team 2 picks map and side.
Game 2: Swap factions and sides. Same map as Game 1.
Game 3: Team 2 picks faction. Team 1 picks map and side.


If a player is disconnected from the match before the 5:00 mark, the match will need to be restarted. However, each team is only allowed one disconnect per match series. If a disconnect happens twice in the same match series by a single team, the match will continue without the disconnected player.

If a player is disconnected after the 5:00 mark, the match will continue without the disconnected player.

Please restart your game after each match to reduce the chance of crashes.


Replays must be uploaded to the official email thread by the winning team, with both team captains and the tournament organizer included, within 24 hours of the match or the match will not count and must be played again. Please name your replays with “Game 1/2/3” clearly visible.


Tournament coverage is delayed, so all match results must remain confidential. Streaming of the matches is prohibited. Uploading videos, clips or replays (other than in the official email thread) of tournament matches played is not allowed until March 16th, 2020, after all tournament coverage is completed.


Relic’s Code of Conduct will be applied in force: any infringing players will be immediately disqualified from the tournament along with their team.


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